Badke chapter 1

I think its great how things has turned to be in terms of freedom of speech and publishing. Its definitely a challenge to filter and block all the unnecessary information, but like the book said, “readers should be always exercising discernment.

Its amazing how easy information has become so available for all of us, but that doesn’t mean that we are all informed. Before internet, we used to have less access to the amount and variety of subjects of course, however, information was still there for almost anyone. Today with one word and a click of the mouse we have from our houses knowledge of anything we want to know, but we still need to have the interest to know something, even the most basic information.


One response to “Badke chapter 1

  1. Good point, Marcelo, that access to lots of information doesn’t necessarily lead to well-informed people. Can you unpack that a bit more? On the surface it seems that more information increasingly available whenever/wherever we want it would be a great thing! What do you think are the barriers to becoming well-informed today, with information on all topics so readily available?

    –Prof Smale

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