BADke, ch 1

Right around the time that Badke asks to not be accused of being simple-minded (Badke, 6) I was thinking about the author rather than the text. I actually had to go back and reread a portion of text I had just read because I realized that I was considering Badke’s character more than paying attention to what he was trying to say. His writing style is brash and in-your-face with emphasis queued to specific passages. “…so I’m not going to apologize for them, and you don’t have my permission to skip to the next chapter.” (Badke, 1)

Bill Badke seems to have all of his ducks in a row in terms of providing a great back-story and lead in to technology as we know it today and the issues that the written word faces. Are we in fact moving closer to a cohesive conglomeration of human knowledge with our technologies or farther away? Who will control the information? Badke uses the word “fool” to describe the 70 million monkeys plunking away on their keyboards in an effort to display their freedom of speech. But, even though Badke says that “the old elitism is gone” (Badke, 6) I can’t help but feel like he’s really just making a case for the reclassification of elitism and thoroughly wants to be a part of it.

I can remember having my first internet connection and trying to look something up, often saying, “They don’t have (insert topic here) on the internet.” Now that nearly everything is available on the internet, who will control it? How will we be able to distinguish a monkey from the elite? Badke’s question is valid and though I’m having a hard time with his attitude I am eager to read on.



One response to “BADke, ch 1

  1. Very interesting points, Erin. Is the control of information today in the hands of the elites? Should it be? These issues of authority, control and quality of information are all ones we’ll discuss repeatedly over the course of the semester.

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