Pavlik’s Technology

The technological opportunities that John Pavlik points out in “Media in the Digital Age” are poignant and meaningful; full of insight and described thoroughly.  I actually got goose bumps when I was reading this short passage and desired to continue reading (especially the footnotes!). Though I found everything engaging, the part I was really struck by was the “Situated Documentary”. What a far-reaching, emerging media concept to have a virtual reality interacting with our matter-based reality. The possibilities are thought provoking and I was glad to hear that the technology is being tested in places like museums where audio tours will undoubtedly be replaced by the Situated Documentary (Pavlik, 5).

I can’t find the particular passage we read that talked about digital documents and hyperlinks running the risk of pulling the reader away from the passage or the document entirely. In honor of that passage, though, and the Situated Documentary please immerse yourself in this.



One response to “Pavlik’s Technology

  1. Thanks for posting that link, Erin. Wearable tech is fascinating. If you’re a science fiction fan, you might enjoy Vernor Vinge’s novel “Rainbow’s End,” which is a near-future exploration of wearable technology (among other topics).

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