Harrington and Meade. Pavlik


I do not really know what to say about what I have just read. It is so out of my reality…    I never stopped to think about all of that, about how writers will be able to make money writing in the web 2.0, for blogs and online magazines. I actually have a friend that recently started an online magazine for music and events, but he already had to stop his project because of  lack of financial support.

I understand that it must be frustrating for writers to make a living out of writing, but hasn’t it always been like that? Because as far as know successful writers are still publishing and selling. The author says: ” Meanwhile funded literature organisations have always worked in the midst of a network of small magazines and publications, private and public book groups, writers workshops and readings, run for pleasure rather than significant profit…” (Harrington and Meade), but again, hasn’t “offstream” artists of all types been always making their art for love while struggling to make some money?

About the “No longer bound by the opinions of commentators with a radio, newspaper or television voice, we are all free to find the community of literary interest that is right for us” (Harrington and Meade), I don’t know, I think our minds have always been free, now we are just alone to make our decisions without any help.

It is really hard to have an answer when not even ACE  knows it. 


Its a shame that Governments don’t really support and sponsor research for the development of technology that will help to improve our lives. I guess they are more “occupied” by other kinds of technology like weapons for example. At least there are other institutions and companies that are investing, even though their main concern is of course money. Its obvious that companies like Apple for instance, holds technology in order to make much more money out of it. 

I think that all the new technology for communication and journalism like the hidden cameras and the virtual newsroom is great when well used, because I wonder how that will “improve” entertainment shows on TV like reality shows. 

I am gonna stop it right here, because I am a little too negative today. I think that technology in general is great, we all use it every day all the time and we couldn’t live without it. We just need to use it wisely.



3 responses to “Harrington and Meade. Pavlik

  1. I am sorry, I meant: Haven’t “mainstream” artists…

  2. Marcelo, you make a good point about compensation for writers and artists of all types: many of them struggle in poorly-paid obscurity now (and did before the age of digital media). It’ll be interesting to see how compensation for creative works evolves. We’ll talk more about this when we discuss copyright in a week or so.

  3. Your posting about the aforementioned authors is so down to earth and simply to the point. The reality of what the authors are telling us is something we would have to be exposed to daily if we were writers or like your friend the writer to be more in tuned with the lifestyle. The mediums of communication that we are learning more about demonstrate how many writers are taking to the least expensive route to publish. Some of them are still finding it difficult and even to be labor and cost intensive depending on their goals and expectations. The translation of these articles into how relatable they are to what is occurring with you at the moment is very twitter-like because you are telling us things not only about the articles but about how you are not having a good day and leaning toward the negative in your thinking through your comments. That is so virtual newsroom and the like because I feel as if you are in the room using that media as I’m watching you describe the reality show and the latest technology with whimsy. I agree that technology is a good thing and that our lives would be archaic without the conveniences we depend upon every day. E. Belmonte

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