LED Lighting

Warning: What interests me and what I choose to write about may be boring and un-blog worthy to others.

In reference to http://greenlightingsolutions.blogspot.com/, I find the content to be comprehensive, useful and, pun intended, illuminating. This blog is all about helping people make green choices in their energy usage with specific regard to lighting. It has been over a century since Thomas Edison created the incandescent light bulb and, realistically, the design hasn’t changed much since then. Green Lighting Solutions (GLS) provides readers with pertinent information needed to make wise decisions about their lighting needs. This blog weeds through the heap of information surrounding green lighting options and provides a clear-cut, well defined viewpoint that is easy to understand.

LEDs (light emitting diodes) are the wave of the future in terms of moving our country and the global economy away from wasteful energy practices. The EU (European Union) has already banned manufacturing of certain incandescent bulbs, a 19th century technology. The United States has plans to do the same and, just this year, as GLS points out, our administration has awarded a large amount of money toward generating American LED manufacturing. This shift to forward thinking and attempting to make a difference in our energy consumption is directly in line with the COP15 (UN climate change conference) agreement between leading energy consumers of the world.

GLS offers readers the tools they need to reduce their carbon footprint and help make a difference in the world. My favorite statement from this blog was the immediate dismissal of the compact fluorescent bulb (CFL) as even worth discussing in green lighting choices. I whole-heartedly agree with them that CFLs should not be considered due to their mercury content. Skip that (forgivable?) step and head straight for the LEDs if you’re contemplating a revamp of your lighting.

I would like to think that this blog is a must read for the reasons I have pointed out. But, I must also point out that the blog is owned and operated by a company (LED Waves) that sells green lighting solutions. Despite hawking their products at times the information they offer is extremely unbiased and accurate.



One response to “LED Lighting

  1. Thanks for pointing out the advertising, Erin, as did Soo on his post about security podcasts. It’s so important to think about where the information we’re consuming is coming from, and what the producers’ agendas may be. We’ll talk more about this kind of evaluation throughout the semester.

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