I find this weblog very interesting. As matter of fact, I am very glad for this assignment because I had completely forgotten about it.

      I found out about this particular weblog through a friend, who is an image editor. At the time I was thinking about learning final cut, the computer program for video editing, but unfortunately I never actually did, at least not yet.

      The site offers information for any area in the technology “world”, like computer programs, lighting, sound, video, film etc. It has video tutorials that are very helpful, podcasts, some info about places where you can get training in any of this areas, news about new software and equipments, events that are happening all over the country and also contacts for any kind of services.



One response to “Weblog

  1. I just looked about the site, and it is quite interesting. Particularly, the video tutorials are well organized! I think I don’t have to wander around Youtube for Photoshop tutorials anymore. 🙂

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