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     About 4 years ago, I came to know this web site while I wandered around the internet for some podcasts. I still remember the moment when I found this one. I was just fascinated with its informative and interesting contents.

     What they primarily deal with is computer security. From discussion and solutions of a tiny vulnerability in home routers to information and lectures of computer cryptography, they cover pretty big range in terms of security. The show is hosted by two men, Leo Laporte who is a technology journalist and Steve Gibson who is software developer, and they run these podcasts on both Leo’s blog and Steve’s website. They provide not only podcasts, but also newsgroup discussion (Recently, they even started to broadcast this podcast in format of live video streaming!). Along with tons of information, they give audience some feedback every three or four episodes, which make this podcast truly interactive. If the listeners from all over the world ask questions regarding security, they choose some of them, which are considered as critical issues at the moment, and answer them with detailed explanation. What more interesting part is, this contents services are available free of charge. Of course, they are sponsored by a few companies and advertise some software products during the podcasting; however, it is totally acceptable when we think about the value of this information. Additionally, in my opinion, this is the most realistic and efficient way to run on line contents at no cost.

     It is informative, practical and even interactive. I am convinced that “Security Now” will be a good starting point, if you are interested in computer security.

Sung Soo  Moon


One response to “Alternative Media

  1. Those do look like interesting podcasts, Soo. We’ll talk more about podcasting tomorrow in class when we talk about non-text media, and I hope you’ll share your thoughts about podcasting with us then. Good point about the advertising, too — all media need financial support and advertising is one of the main ways media is funded.

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