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I have commented on the readings and the blog that I found was airy and topical. Since I was cooking and watching the super bowl on Sunday my interest in the game was unfocused. It was whimsical for me to be humming “when the saints go marching in” after the New Orleans Saints won the game.

My response: Dear Professor Smale:  February 15, 2010 email

To respond to your question about Micaela’s Blog, I found it on a site that touted it as one of the most popular for that week. 

As you know it was Super Bowl Sunday (week) and there is always a lot of hype about the teams and the best of the best playoff.  Micaela’s blog was this person’s type of hype!  Have you heard of football widows?  I was one when I was married to a sports fan. 

Well, she struck me as a possible single version of that in her explanation of not seeing her boyfriend, being keenly aware about football, and having played football herself in a pink league while in school. This seemingly dumb blond brought us into her expectations of not being necessarily interested but understanding the impact during that internationally heralded event with her levity and own brand of distractions, like her cat looking at the camera, her new job as a teacher etc.

Yes, Professor this resonated with me as a topical subject with a blogger expressing themselves by not only being ‘published’ but being credited as one of the popular blogs of that week for her abstract approach to a world renown event as mere trivia in her mind.  She did not come across totally as just another dumb blond who does not like football and so I found her blog slightly different. 

Since there were no New York teams or any other teams that I really followed or favored involved this year, I could giggle and feel refreshed about her honest self absorbed blog being in the moment and deviating from Super Bowl Sunday.  There is a fan base out there that recognized her blog as a popular site and possibly sees it as palatable for exclusive viewers who also like her style of writing about what she feels.    E. Belmonte

Alternative media 2/9/10

There is quite a collection of ways that communication is extended out to others via media and in the first article by Thomas Eland he focuses on the Alternative Press.

It is out there being discouraged by economic, political, religious and cultural institutions that he feels influence our perceptions by blurring our internalized filters. Information in newspapers is all structured to appeal to different classes of people in a standard publication because journalism is dependent on big advertisers.  These dominating companies dominate ideas having few libraries subscribing to the nonprofit “crack pot” free thinking publications.

Michael Gundeloy in the Zines tells us, Where the Action is as near facts, rumors, suspicion, and downright lies are in the very small press.  They have a half life of about two years on the average but the better part is that self publishing breeds a network of grassroots voices.  The variety runs the gamut with high school underground papers, sex and gender issues, and social justice trying to envision a better future but remain slight as special interest groups wave their ideas in front of those who are concerned with the topic. People seem to become obsessed with certain topics and will invest lots of time thinking up ways to comment on the absurd making it seem not so ridiculous. That becomes a skill and is supported by like minded individuals lending themselves toward social questioning of the status quo.

The blog that was of interest to me was by Micaela, The anti super bowl post.She even played football on a winter team in college called Powder-puff Football but was not interested in the Sunday night super bowl and preferred to make business cards and take self pictures with her cat named Levi. She is a supply teacher and helps kids in the Library. This is fun for her to do as her new job. Simply sublime as a blog.


One response to “Alternative Media

  1. Evita, the anti-Super Bowl blog post you found was very funny (and timely!). How would you compare Micaela’s blog to the zines we read about in Gunderloy? Would you consider a personal blog like this one to be an example of alternative media?

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