Th 2/11 Non-text media: sound, images, multimedia

Well, my question is, if artists need record labels and if today there are such a big number of musicians, why should anyone worry?  Why artists are not looking for the labels if they need them so much?  Serona Elton says in her article “These days, those record companies are portrayed, unfairly, as evil, backward-looking, grandmother-suing anti-artist ogres. There’s much more to the story, and the record companies themselves need to help tell it. They need to have more of a presence at the myriad music industry conferences and festivals. They need to show the rest of the industry that they still play a valuable role that will be necessary well into the future. And they need to be there so I won’t feel quite so outnumbered.”  I believe that those records labels are the big corporations that explore artists and only care about their pockets. I also believe that today there are a number of independent labels found by musicians that were tired of  the unfair deals and lack of sensibility. About Napster and all the other sites where you can get free songs, I think there is nothing that can be done about it. Some artists like Sananda Maitreya (Terence Trent D’Arby) and George Michael have been offering free download of their songs in their websites for a long time now. They make most of their money, specially Sananda Maitreya giving concerts.

That is funny, I just read the article about Radio Head now. What else can I say? Its exactly what I am talking about.

I heard about this band that was making a great success in Canada, and after every concert they would give their website and say that they offered free download, but of course to do that you had to sign up (for free) in their website.  When they finally reached 1 million members they asked each one to contribute with one dollar annually for the maintenance of the site, of course everyone or most of them agreed and they made a million dollars. 



3 responses to “Th 2/11 Non-text media: sound, images, multimedia

  1. Thanks for sharing the story of the Canadian band who asked fans to become members of their website. Very interesting distribution channel!

  2. I agree with your thought that today’s large record companies seem to only care about their money. And that’s why various alternatives have emerged. However, can we say the musicians will be able to survive only with donation, even if they are not famous?

  3. Would like to shamelessly plug this Chicago band who just released their first album yesterday. The Loneliest Monk released their first album which you can listen to in its entirety for free on the website, download for $10 or purchase a CD for $12.

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