Non-text media

      One of the biggest changes after the beginning of digital media era is that, needless to say, the borderline between information provider and customer has become indistinctive. Thanks to the invention of various easy-to-use multimedia gadgets, everyone can be a producer, reporter or even analyst. In an aspect of diversity, it is desirable for us to have more tools for communicating; however, we still have issues of what is valuable to choose and what is not. Most of the examples Pavlik mentioned in the text were good enough except podcast, ”Pillars of Success”, but it is also true there are numerous of private media contents that mislead and sometimes distort the truth. Therefore, it seems to be very important to judge whether the contents are unbiased and evenhanded or not.

     In addition, I do believe the necessity of conventional form of record labels, as Serona Elton does. The labels are effective and systematical way to advertise, promote and deliver the new music to the audiences. Of course, it is plausible to say that the labels are blame for current recession of music industry, and we need to consider the innovative distributing method of music, like Radiohead did, nevertheless, it does not necessarily mean the labels are worthless or something that we have to sublate. Although there are many elements we should deliberate for the desirable music industry, what I want to point out the most is an attitude of the audience. The listeners should recognize that the intellectual properties have value that we have to pay for, and we will be able to get another great masterpiece from artists when we reward for their endeavor.

Sung Soo  Moon


One response to “Non-text media

  1. My learned colleague, you are very even handed in your thoughts on the subject of humans having a conscience and the use of non text media. There is a level of want versus need that runs through the human mind when it faces decisions like whether or not a technology is really something that they can or more importantly want to use. In the last half of the last century there seems to have been major conceptual and groundbreaking changes in technology occurring on the average of about five to seven years. That timing has certainly been surpassed as almost every two years it seems the technocrats like the mega apple man who lives in the realm of research, development, and marketing creates another technological convenience to absorb our nimble fingers, ears, and eyes. If the music industry was a consumer’s paradise: where intellectual properties had so much value that money was still being emptied out of their pockets to keep artist creative and hopeful. That can be the next new generation of tools for music that will make it easier for listening to music. This for musicians could possibly be part of the reward for their endeavors. We can only hope that the attitude of the audience will still value the artists and their masterpieces enough to satisfy both stakeholders. E. Belmonte

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