Non Text Digital Media Pavlik

Digital Media

On June 12, 2009, the government decided that we should break away from analog transmission for television to digital reception which was a sore reality check. Satellites in the digital age would propel information to the public quicker. In Pavlik’s article Producers of Digital Media he refers to the revelation of the World Wide Web becoming as the wave for communication since the1990’s prompting an enormous increase in the various sources of media production. Millions of people and organizations produce their own audio content and put it online. This diverse group of self publishers is using public access channels and cell phones to get the news of the day in real time to others faster affecting the range of quality. PBS and all access channels are ramping up so the alternative voice can and will be heard. Overall, there seems to be an underlining theme here that keeps referring back to the latest technologies, the Internet, and the role of communication with digital media.  Developers know that syndication technology must be updated frequently for their followers.

E. Belmonte


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