Solitarily Social

Every time there is an evolution or update in technology there, of course, must come with it a new name. As I was reading Web 2.0 on Wikipedia I came across the term Web 3.0. Web 3.0? Can’t we just have the web and all of its data, streaming, software, feeds, open sources, closed sources and beyond? It’s like when you first heard about 3G (honestly I don’t ever remember hearing about G or 2G) and now there’s a 4G. Who cares? It may have some greater capability than its previous incarnation did not have but, isn’t it technically the same platform, if you will, just better? There’s seems a few areas where naming the update is necessary like operating systems, but really the web, to me, is still the web whether we’re controlling it or they are (that’s the royal we and they).

Speaking of us controlling the web, Nicholson Baker writes about Wikipedia in a way that is close to my heart. I, too, at one point in my life (a long time ago) was as (embarrassingly?) addicted to World of Warcraft as he is with being a Wikipedia editor.  He writes about being solitarily social within our technology, such as in World of Warcraft (WoW), MySpace, Facebook and Wikipedia, in a way that embodies the single addictive quality of the internet that we all share. To boot, Baker carries his points of view out using some imaginative metaphors that have an adolescent appeal to them. I have often looked at those [edit] buttons on Wikipedia and wondered, without knowing it, if clicking it would induce a WoW type of craving in me but have for the time being refrained.



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