What to do as a new/unknown artist and alternative media.

Since we talked so much about music, free downloads, record labels, Radio Head etc… I decided to do a little research in the topic, and see what other people are thinking about that.  I found this blog page,767183,767183+artists+who+give+music+away&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=safari where they are discussing whether it works for unknown artists or not. I liked specially the article written by TR, in my opinion that is a great advise and realistic comment.

I also finally read the article by Thomas Eland and found it very inspiring. I loved when he said: “To be truly informed citizens capable of making complex choices concerning the world, we need to be well informed. We need to learn about the structure of the major corporate media and how it limits what we know about the world.” It made me rethink about my life thinking that I could live in my little bubble without being poisoned by the craziness of the world, but its actually the opposite. If I as a citizen of the world want to do anything at all to at least change my own self, I need to know what’s going on to at least have an opinion of argument about it. I also briefly took a look at this article:


One response to “What to do as a new/unknown artist and alternative media.

  1. I’m glad to hear that you liked the Tom Eland article, Marcelo. That’s an interesting article that you found on thesunlight.org website. What are some of the “gatekeeper” or quality issues of this site, especially as compared to other media outlets?

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