The politics of research.

Money, money and money. What a surprise… If it doesn’t pay back, what is the point of funding anything?

It’s really sad to say, but I don’t think that governments and corporations are very worried about anything else then their interests, in another words money and power.  I think today, pharmaceutical companies basically rule the planet, and to keep ruling they need people to be sick. They need drugs with side effects that it will lead them to more drugs. They don’t care for alternative and natural ways of treatment. They don’t want to treat the cause, only the symptoms, but finally we are noticing that more and more. Every day people are more interested in better and healthier ways to treat their illnesses. The Naturopathic treatments are becoming more popularized because people are realizing that they not only work, but also they make you feel better.

I think and I hope, that the same thing will happen eventually with everything else including researches, studies, and share of knowledge. One day (maybe not in this existence) governments will be worrying much more about developing peoples intellect. And the planet will be like the example that Martin gave us: “… a system where the basic necessities of life are available to everyone in the community as a matter of right: food, clothing, shelter, transport. Those who wanted to would be able to work in areas of their choosing, subject to availability of facilities and opportunities. “

I love when the author tries to describe the “Experts” as if they were an animal or something. “Most experts are full-time professionals. Those who might like to make an occasional contribution are not made welcome. Finally, many experts are arrogant, displaying contempt or hostility to amateur interlopers.

Full-time professional experts are not inherently nasty.” (Martin).



2 responses to “The politics of research.

  1. That’s a great observation about Martin’s description of “experts” as if he’s describing an exhibit at a zoo. (Please don’t feed the experts. 🙂 ) What do you think this says about the relationship between experts and non-experts, that is, the public?

  2. Yes. Like a song title, it is sad but true. Nowadays, as we know, everything in this society is concerned with the money. Nothing to speak of private enterprises, the nations, government and sometimes even schools seem to regard the money as their priority. It is miserable but inevitable since we are just living in this highly economized world. Because of this reason, however, the endeavor and enthusiasm of people who try to share what they have might be more crucial. And probably, this is what we need to pursue for the better tomorrow.

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