Access through reseach

The political case has been made by Mr. Martin in chapter seven of his book, Information liberation: Challenging the corruptions of information power. He states, “Knowledge isn’t power just by itself, but it can be a means for obtaining power, wealth, and status.” Quite a mouthful, but on the other hand his comparative examples should be looked at a bit more carefully for there are amateurs doing successful research throughout the world while governments and universities vie in different ways to control the research game. The ‘digital divide’ becomes more than an algorithm between man and machine as research permeates our technology dependent modern existence essentially driving the reasons to do research.

The egalitarian approach becomes sketchy as experts pander and sell themselves to the higher developed guidelines and deterrents designed against just anybody becoming noted for their work. The controllers have an ironclad hold on research, development, and discovery emphasizing jealousy to keep the information for the elite scientific community.  Competition wins out over cooperation, as disciplines are categorized to be placed strategically for the miniscule amounts of the underrepresented to replace those in the hierarchy controlling the areas of research, power, and money.  Political research is still being governed by the economy, tenure granting universities, and the government. Good, bad, or indifferent the researchers will continue to use specialist and experts to impart the knowledge hopefully for the benefit of society.  E. Belmonte


One response to “Access through reseach

  1. I like your point that there are amateurs doing successful research beyond the borders of academia/governments/corporations. How do you think things would change if there was more cooperation and collaboration between amateurs and experts?

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