Access vs. preservation, a visual depiction

A colleague of mine at another CUNY library reminded me about this great cartoon from the front cover of The New Yorker. I think it speaks to many of the issues of access and preservation that we discussed this week.

Enjoy the snow day!
See you next week,
Prof Smale

Image credit: The New Yorker, June 8, 2009


2 responses to “Access vs. preservation, a visual depiction

  1. I really like the picture of the Alien on the cover of the New Yorker taking some time to ‘space out’ and read a discarded book. It lends it self to that statement about one person’s garbage being another person’s treasure.

    Actually, in that picture it is the Alien’s leisurely sit down amid the trash and overgrown vegetation of a deshevled city, resembling New York City that grabs your attention. It is such a cute capture of how holding and reading a book can cause pause and create wonder even in an unfamiliar species visiting in an unfamiliar environment. Ah!

  2. “Space out” — I love it, Evita!

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