Behavioral Advertising

I am a 29 year old female living in New York. When I log onto Facebook, quite often, I receive these great ads for sweets and shoes! Directly aimed at me! The 29 year old female living in New York! I laugh because, as anyone who knows me would tell you, I haven’t bought a pair of women’s shoes since I was a teenager. For me, behavioral advertising is fine because I wouldn’t be putting any stock into no matter its intended interest pique.  I understand that a fair amount of my personal data is floating around in the cloud right now. I’m okay with that because I know what it is. One answer, if you’re threatened by third parties’ knowledge of your internet activities, is to understand what you’re signing, trust who you are signing with, remember that any contributions may be forever in the cloud and be diligently aware of what you’re sharing.



One response to “Behavioral Advertising

  1. Those ads doesn’t appeal to me at all as well. I actually never really payed much attention to anything that doesn’t come from someone that I know. About my personal information, I am not so sure… I have always ignored those privacy policies. I never really read them.

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