There is no doubt that teenagers spend a lot of time in social network sites and most of them are “Shooting the breeze, showing off, and just plain hanging out amongst the people they call friends”. (Boyd).

SNSes can be a great opportunity to, not only teenagers but all of us, exchange culture, information and also all kinds of networking. Its an easy and fast way to reach and communicate with a big number of people at the same time.

I think its important to understand and explore this new way of social communication, but we also could be over reacting in terms of thinking that SNSes could be interfering with teen’s social skills. A lot of teenagers tend to lock and exclude themselves from anyone that doesn’t share their opinions and preferences anyways, but that doesn’t mean necessarily that they going to be like that in their adult life.



One response to “SNSses

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Marcelo! I kept reading the word teenager and thinking about my own time on Facebook. Seeing as how the article was written specifically for teachers and educators I was then lead to wondering how old this guy thought his readers actual were? My mom is 57 years old and has a Facebook account. I’m friends with a couple of grandmothers. And I think that perhaps the bigger scare is not teenagers, but the others who don’t know how to use privacy settings properly to achieve a manageable social network. Do you think that perhaps the over reaction is in part due to a lack of understanding in the ones over-reacting?

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