Privacy and Media

There is a hush in the room as the two words ‘privacy and media’ are mentioned in the same sentence. Online activities have allowed us to be screened, searched, and cookie’d to the point of distraction.  In the article by Patrick Marshall, Online Privacy is a mere rendering of how few rights we are being protected by over the Internet.  Targeted advertizing can translate into SPAM which is a form of marketing, albeit unsolicited, but nonetheless designed to get our attention as we surf, network, blog, chat, or even do research. The use and in some cases overuse of the Web by us has traces, remnants, and bytes of our “Digital DNA” in some cases stored on a cloud that can be easily accessed by us with or without the help of prying eyes and non private eyes. There is so much information to be received over the Internet yet many people are still so ill informed about how our privacy is scooped up by the media through all the communicating. There are reasoning’s that the author used to help promote reservations concerning our privacy that might help but seem misleading using transparency and control with our privacy as the centerpiece it may seem that we maintain our position as a target wearing it shrieking for more privacy.

There it is that sweet smell of all that security meticulously collecting our valuable information as data to retain it for reference and further use in cyberspace. It seems that being shared by companies who are enticing us to buy things that we do not want and most certainly do not need are diligently seeking our attention and I dare say invading our privacy. It just seems that in the long run our privacy is on the line both on and off the computer.


One response to “Privacy and Media

  1. I think you’ve hit on one of the key aspects of this issue, Evita: that many people are just not aware of internet privacy issues. Perhaps this is something that increased regulations can address, for example, with mandatory privacy policies as Marshall mentions. (Of course, we’re all free to ignore those policies if we want to.)

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