Privacy in the Internet

     At this present living, we are literally floating on the sea of information. As the online world gets bigger and bigger, not only the information broadens, but also it becomes deeper. In case of scholarly or public knowledge, those kinds of changes are very desirable. When it comes to private lives, however, microscopic scale of personal information on the internet have some potential pitfalls.  

     As Patrick Marshall and Boyd D mentioned in their articles, the online privacy has been controversial for quite a long time, and there have been many discussion about countermeasure for them. From our email address to private photographs and even schedules, it is true that numerous information is just opened, which is vulnerable to be misused. Then, what do we need to settle down these side effects? Although institutional strategies need to become established, such as legislations for preventing abuses of online privacy or secured options on the web sites at the level of programming, the most crucial thing of all must be attention of individual. After all, we are the one who can protect ourselves the most effectively from privacy attacks. We just cannot blame SNSes for threatening our private lives; the matter we have to focus on is how we can treat them appropriately.



3 responses to “Privacy in the Internet

  1. Just found this article which deals directly with what we’re talking about in class with regard to public information security.

  2. I agree, Soo: it’s up to each of us to take responsibility for the information about us that’s available on the internet.

    Thanks for the article link, Erin, definitely relevant to today’s class.

  3. Thank you, Erin, for the following-up posting. I am starting to be curious about what in the world the nation’s offensive plans would be, which are not supposed to be opened. Could it be one role of “Big Brother”? 🙂

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