Risk Aversion

Media Literacy is a concept shared by the masses that have access to the Internet and use digital or hard copies. It may be important to develop sound scruples that affect copyrighted materials and the undefined fair use of such materials. There is no hard and fast rule for educators to utilize Media Literacy materials for lesson planning or curriculum development. The Education Law and Copyrights law allows educators, as users of the “fair use” practice to honor the rule of proportionality as a guideline.

The essence of this article reminded me of the Good Samaritan law that protects a qualified individual from being sued if they assist a person in a health related or distressing emergency. This sets the stage for educators to look at their student’s work and their own abilities to make reasoned decisions by formulating ethical values. Using the Media Literacy as learning and teaching supplement involves coded lessons with compare and contrast analysis, historical references, and key points which can be added to a student’s portfolio of knowledge.

There seems to be a growing movement that educators want to look at best practices, develop balancing tools for users, and share knowledge with librarians and school administrators. There may need to be more increasing awareness of how Media Literacy is all its forms is designed for learning. This can help enhance the fair use standards for improved pedagogy and help educators to strive toward wide audience distribution of student work. All users should keep a “safe harbor” zone in the forefront of the possibility of an affirmative defense. There is still a case for not infringing, applied common sense, reasonable and customary fair use, and educational liberty being pursued favorably as a usable doctrine for the use of copyrighted works by educators.


One response to “Risk Aversion

  1. Proportionality. This is a word that came to me as the critical point from your writing. As we discussed in the class, nobody knows when we will be able to get the sensible results of debate about fair using. However, exerting ourselves based on the moderation, I believe we may find a reasonable solution eventually.

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