Open Access and Closed Access

     To share or not to share, that is the question. As every matter in our society does, the financial problem takes the foundation of copyright and information ethics. It is obvious that money is serious issue cannot be overlooked, but at the same time, it is certain that money cannot be absolute value because we, the human beings, have cherished and would treasure the physiological fruits, although we are mere physical existence who regard making a living as one of important goals in our lives.

     It is too difficult to determine which side is better or worse than another is. In the viewpoint of information providers, the information sharers who do not obtain any permission must be another form of thieves, no more, no less. On the contrary, in the perspective of sharers, the providers who are bent solely upon profit must be unreasonable men of power. Yes. It is tricky. However, considering this fact that these two sides are facing each other with competing claims, there might be solutions, which we would call reconciliation. I understand it might take a tremendous time and efforts to the points of being imprudent, but conflicts and harmonization; that was the way that the human history has progressed. If the providers get to have a little more flexibility about their copyrights and if the sharers get to have a little more respect to intangible properties, might we be able to live in the world filled with bountiful information?



One response to “Open Access and Closed Access

  1. Soo, I think the balance and flexibility you suggest is a great way to proceed on the copyright front. It will be interesting to see how these issues evolve as the production and distribution channels for all media continue to change.

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