Fair Access

As I made my way through the Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education it became apparent that I would need to read and reread because, as Marcelo pointed out from Isserman’s article, if you cannot explain it then you haven’t learned it. Well, I haven’t. There is so much information about information and copyrighting and plagiarism and fair use and access and preservation…. My head is swirling. From the fair use guidelines I was able to make a correlation of sorts, though; fair access.

Combining our topic of access with our topic of fair use, I think what we’re really getting at is having the information available for use by those who need it. In the educational privilege aspect, our educators should have free reign to teach what they feel should be taught, royalty free; even if that means reformatting a video or copying a passage. Our educators have enough hurdles to jump just to try and make a point! Why would any writer not want their work displayed or discussed in an educational situation?

It seems clear to me that educators have the short end of the stick. The rules and guidelines for fair use should be tailored to suit their endeavors! Without this niche being catered to how can current and future learners truly make informed decisions and partake of the system?



One response to “Fair Access

  1. You make a good point about exposure, Erin. I would think that any creator (author, artist, musician, etc.) would welcome the exposure to their work that students will get if fair use is applied broadly to educational situations. Those same students could end up buying the author’s book after they’ve had the experience of reading the work in class.

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