More about Plagiarism

Plagiarism in schools are for sure a big issue today. It is easier then never to plagiarize a paper by copying and pasting from an internet source. The reasons for doing that are many, but mostly because of its convenience. Of course there is a concern among educators about whether students are learning or not, but shouldn’t it be mostly a student’s concern? I think that in a college level, students should be the most interested ones. You can’t really force someone to learn if someone doesn’t want to. I understand that there are skills and techniques that can facilitate learning and also make a subject or a topic more appealing, but couldn’t the educational system maybe be obsolete? Do students really need to “learn” about subjects that have absolutely nothing to do with their chosen major? Because when that is the case, most of us tend to forget whatever is not of our interest anyways. I think this is could be one of the reasons why students copy and paste sometimes.



One response to “More about Plagiarism

  1. I completely agree that it’s very difficult to learn something when you don’t find it interesting or relevant. It’s an interesting question: do students plagiarize more when they are working on a topic that seems irrelevant to them? Do they plagiarize less if they are interested in their topics?

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