High Stakes


In this article the Author, Dye talks about the fusion of language the word Taxonomy into the reconfigured word folksonomy, using the word folks.  There is a lot to be said here for tags being the main event and having a member community of likeminded people who have found each other and use it to communicate comfortable as a way to better search through a system and share with each other.  The Taxonomy is a controlled hierarchical organized system used for classification.   In folksonomies, they collaborate to build their own search systems based on categories set by them so users have ways of tagging what others are doing. These sounds like they could become very exclusive and setup in ways that only users knowing the code for exploring all manner of subjects would vigorously want to and obviously do like to use this vehicle.  They are bookmarking their community with their own thoughts on hierarchy that is down to earth and meant for those touched by the “tag” of the growing number of evolving forms of these folksonomies. Now it is catching the attention of the companies that are good at studying consumers and how they think and that would be the marketing companies. So could their system be a new form of hierarchal categorizing?  I loved the subheading of one of the paragraphs, “grassroots grows globally.”  It speaks to the power of the human ability to find easier ways to do sophisticated things, building on it, and in simpler ways have fun doing it. They even have a version on a cloud. How tech savvy of them.  So keep an eye peeled, one might be living in your neighborhood.  E. Belmonte


One response to “High Stakes

  1. Sounds like you are in favor of folksonomies (I am too!). Have you found the one on our course blog to be useful?

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