Infusion thinking

Is the Internet killing critical thinking?

This article is from the International Teachers Association, Journal of Technology Education

It may be true that most people read what interest them or whatever catches their eye in a headline, or something that they have been  alerted to read about.  With the speed and reach of email and the World Wide Web we are information drenched and just a bit wobbly over the infusion.  In this article they reference the “cyber bullying” that led to the hanging death of thirteen year old. This suicide was caused by the antagonist, her neighbor.  So something that was cited like that will shock and disturb some and have others wanting to know more details.  There is the variety and the inter connectedness through blogs, wikis, and twitter that may suggest the question that is poised.  It may sometimes be full of meaning and automatically recognized as critical thinking. Then there is the coded chatter and the flutter of expression that raises the question once again. 

The depth of thought cannot be measured over the Internet because one has any idea of how short or long of a period a person may ponder over information.  This relevance does not kill critical thinking as a process that may be shorter or longer for one or the other person.  The article ended with the conclusion that the question but more importantly the answer will be left to hubris.   E. Belmonte


One response to “Infusion thinking

  1. Your point about being unable to know how long a person thinks about something she/he reads online is a good one, Evita. Website analytical statistics can tell us how long a person views a website or web page, but I might read something today and continue to think about it over several days, and that’s impossible to measure.

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