Wtf Is Up With All The Internet Lingo These Days?

I’ve spent $0.99 on my source; the iPhone App called Netlingo. It’s a dictionary, of sorts, for all of the acronyms that are widely popular substitutes for communication. As my girlfriend, Ashley, would say, “Why can’t people just use words!?” I pointed out that her statement contained a contraction which, in my opinion, has essentially the same purpose as an acronym. She, and many others, believe that the widespread use of these words are making the nation dumber. While I tend to slightly agree, I also believe that the acronyms are merely a tool. Tools help us move faster. If I could type as fast as I can think I probably wouldn’t use acronyms or internet jargon. Of course, in order to properly use or appreciate the tools, we need to know the fundamentals of our communication and language.

*some of the highlights of the app = ACORN (A Completely Obsessive Really Nutty Person), RUMCYMHMD (Are You on Medication Cause You Must Have Missed a Dose) & YABA (Yet Another Bloody Acronym)*



2 responses to “WTFIUWATILTD?

  1. Your point about typing fast makes me think about our discussion of voice recognition software in class yesterday. I wonder if using it makes text entry faster than typing?

  2. Omg, this is really crazy… If you didn’t have explained the title I would never had guessed what it meant. It is almost like another language.
    I agree with you about acronyms being like a tool that help us to move fast. These days time is money for sure, especially in the entertainment industry, and since we are still not able to control our telepathy skills I think that acronyms is a good alternative. You just need to know who speaks the acronym language, but I am sure that soon there will be an App to translate it.
    I have to say though that not having English as my first language and living here for all this time, made me loose a lot of my Portuguese writing skills. I like to play saying that I am forgetting my Portuguese and not improving my English, and one day I will end up mute.

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