2 responses to “Metadata – Badke Ch. 4

  1. Interesting article, Soo, and very good point about metadata: it’s good for users (us!), because we need to find information, and good for the companies that produce and distribute information, too.

  2. Evita Belmonte

    This is my comment on the blog entitled Metadata – Badke Ch. 4 by Soo.
    In researching, the idea of reaping far more information that you do not need is a more likely proposition. Assuming that there is no information available on any subject that we may be searching for in the information age is not acceptable anymore. Everyone who is not searching for whatever you are may tell you that you can find it in Google, Yahoo, and Wikipedia or you just did not search properly. It is true that you may have to pay for certain information if it is held in private collections where you need to subscribe for access.

    There is an underlying belief from most people that practically everything you could want to know can be found on the Internet. Those same people have little or no knowledge about metadata and its viable use of techniques with relatable websites to point you in the right direction for results that matter. The creation of tags and other familiar references using tag clouds and folksonomies generate paths for search results that matter to the researcher. Metadata is part of the networking surfing public’s pastime, making it user friendly to search with familiar and popular terms.


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