The Growing threat of the Growing Internet

It seems like a hands down popular opinion that the Internet is the easiest and quickest source for obtaining valuable and not so valuable information.  With this massive Information explosion going on it is easy not to notice the disadvantages of the Internet that may plague you and your equipment.  The topic is Spyware and Adware.  They are simple sneaky and effective in pervading your computer with all manner of devices to get you to notice their ads and buy their products.  We understand the advertising part of the intrusion because there are people on the Internet that make a profit catering to our needs and more importantly to our wants as we surf and communicate over the medium.  It is the invasive Spyware that is the main culprit of following our keypunch moves and sometime with a hiccup of slowing down our computers they plant subtle and not so subtle viruses that can discombobulate the entire operating system.  It is pound for pound a wise investment to have an updating anti-virus program to monitor the invasion by Spyware by acquiring a reputable company to curtail the smooth access to the overt interactions that we all know, use, and enjoy over the Internet.  The growing threat is that we must stay forewarned to protect ourselves by being forearmed with protective programs to prevent disruption of our access to the Internet by information spyware, adware, and other malicious software.

E. Belmonte


One response to “The Growing threat of the Growing Internet

  1. You are right that malicious programming is most definitely one of the downsides of our always-connected, always-available internet. So often there are unexpected results that accompany technological advances!

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