God be with ye

I’m officially DONE searching for any sort of academic source relating to the origin of the word goodbye! I have spent the last 3 hours searching every keyword, subject term, etymology websites, dictionaries, wikitionaries, etc… that it’s making my head spin. Am I searching wrong? I NEED HELP!

My idea was to find an academic article related to the origins of this word, which I have located as ‘God be with ye’ and onto a more informal contraction in Middle English of ‘godbwye’, but can’t seem to find what I need to cite or prove this. It would’ve been a small (big?) step in the right direction for my research paper which is dealing with modern contractions and acronyms infiltrating our speech. The idea being that we may find ourselves in a situation where acronyms become part of our speech and the people using them may not have a clue as to where it comes from but yet they understand the gist.

At this point I am finding it hard to move on and find another way to parlay this idea. I’ve invested a fair amount of time to just drop it. The closest I’ve come is http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/good-bye but it doesn’t seem to really hit the nail on the head. To be continued…



One response to “God be with ye

  1. Yes! I have seem Walking life and I loved it. I actually promise my self to watch it again because it was a lot of information for me, but I never did, so it is a good remind.
    I also agree with you about the other 5000oo possibilities to be a train wreck, its true, I never actually thought about that.
    About your post, I made a little research myself and I found the same thing, the origin is: God be with you or God be with ye. I also found “so long” that came from the soldiers that spent a lot of time in the Arabic countries. Salaam means good will and it sounds like so long.

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