Surf Tubing

There a several social networking avenues that are being used to communicate with other social networking individuals and groups. Facebook, My Space, and LinkedIn to mention a few. There is one  medium of social networking and visually interesting expressions of human fact and folly that most Internet surfers have used to “see” and hear people broadcasting themselves and others using visual imagery call “You Tube. ‘ It is well known and used for some of the most unlikely action filled videos right down to the latest fad of young shoppers showing off what they have picked up at the local mall.  They get hits and people actually finding the time to tune into their video follies regularly as the teens and  tweens  conduct their fashion guide show over the Internet. One of the other favorite uses of “You Tube” is to propel relatively unknown people into pop culture fame.  There was a man who‘s guitar was lost as luggage on one of the major airlines.  He reported it and waited for a response and more importantly waited for a satisfactory response that they had found the instrument or was willing to provide compensation for the loss of the instrument. In the heat of the moment and after months of not getting back his guitar nor hearing any concrete information about retrieval efforts on his behalf the musician decided that he should write a song about it.  He used a few friends and set up different scenes and montages to go along with the lyrics, music, and the action in the video.  A few months later he had over a million hits and people began to know his name and the story of the airlines lack of response was immortalized in song and video on You Tube.  The airlines wrote an apology and decided to reimburse him for his lost guitar.  Now that is networking!  It is a good example of a consumer advocating against   a big company, in this case a major airline’s lack of response to a customer.  This is just another example of the wonders of “You Tube” as a social net working and conscience affecting medium.  E. Belmonte


3 responses to “Surf Tubing

  1. Good points here, Evita. Even as producers of content, goods and services use social media to sell us more stuff, we consumers can use the same techniques to make our voices heard. I’m glad to hear that the man with the lost guitar was reimbursed by the airline!

  2. That is a great story for sure Evita and most important with a happy end. In our over populated society where massive companies do what they can to establish their own laws, we as consumers must speak out loud to be heard. Imagine how much money an airline company makes and how much money they spend to advertise themselves as the best, the most reliable, the most comfortable, and how much they thank us for choosing them, for flying with them until you actually need them, until something goes wrong with you and you need them. Have you ever tried calling an airline company for another reason than buying a ticket? It’s almost impossible to speak directly with someone.
    We need to use social media to work for us and with us if only by threatening companies like that give us a response.

  3. The story of using internet for good is refreshing! It’s too often that we hear all of the bad things that arise out of our virtual networking. You hit the nail on the head when you said “… finding the time to tune in…”! This is the first thing I hear when people talk about what is going on on YouTube. I have a particular friend who ALWAYS seems to have the time to find the latest video getting hits and, I admit, I rely on him to post the link, or send a Facebook status or Tweet about it to know what’s going on because I certainly don’t have the time (it seems, lately).

    But, one thing I heard the other day which is the opposite end of the spectrum from what you posted. And that is someone using the internet for a wrongful purpose… Did you ever see “David After Dentist” on YouTube? It’s an incredibly funny video that surfaced some time ago depicting a young boy (filmed by his father in the car) after a dentist visit. I won’t go into further details because you can look it up. But, soon after the video was put onto YouTube it became viral. After becoming viral (and linked on many many sites) the father tried to follow all the links around and demand they be removed. It seemed as though he was trying to remove them because he didn’t want to exploit his son but recently I became aware that he wanted them removed because he wanted exclusive control over exploiting his son. He now has a site where he sells “David After Dentist” paraphernalia like tee shirts.

    Is it exploitation, though? Or just a brilliant way to make a buck? If someone is willing to give this man money because he video taped a couple minutes of his son ‘acting funny’ does he deserve it? This seems to be a poor use of the internet in some ways, but alternately, a brilliant business move.

    I wonder how David feel (or will feel in a few years) about the incident and his father’s follow-up…


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