Refining a topic – Badke, Appendix 1

Once again, I realize how tricky it is to write a paper. Even though I set a general idea of it a few weeks ago, I have been struggling with choosing one specific topic. One of the reasons for this difficulty is probably to narrow the space appropriately between what I do not know and what I want to know. That is because if I just concentrate on what I do not know, the topic seems to become far apart from my interests, inversely, if I only cling to what I want to know, it somehow tends to become ambiguous or abstract. Nevertheless, I almost decided what to choose, but it still needs to be polished up a little bit.

For this research paper, I have read the guide of Badke as well as Purdue Online Writing Lab( ), which has been great help for my writing so far.  All of them are definitely instructive and useful guidelines, but I have to admit again that the more important thing is not “a guide”, but my own decision after getting through it, although it is a natural consequence.



One response to “Refining a topic – Badke, Appendix 1

  1. Glad to hear that you’ve found the Purdue OWL, Soo. It’s a great resource for research and writing. I consult it often when I need to remind myself about the details of APA Style (which we’ll do in a few weeks, too).

    You’ve discussed the difficulties of choosing and narrowing a research topic very well here, too. It can sometimes seem like chasing a moving target, one that’s not quite in focus. A very apt description!

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