I found this video on youtube while looking for another video that I saw a long time ago on either E! or MTV, I can’t remember and I couldn’t find it, but I really liked this one. Now, whether everything in this video is true or not I don’t know, I have to do another research to check the sources and find out if its true and if any of the cases of plagiarism showed in the video has gone to court or not. The only thing that I know from other articles is that apparently Led Zeppelin is considered the king of plagiarism.

I like the comments about the video some of them are funny.



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  1. Very interesting, Marcelo! Actually, it is not surprising anymore to recognize how frequently the plagiarism of music becomes controversial issues in these days. One of the reasons is that technically what we call composition is created from more or less confined musical scales.(although they are regarded as unlimited in terms of mathematical combinations between scales and rhythms). Of course, I know there are a few composers who have impure intentions, which cannot be acceptable, but at the same time, we should be careful to judge whether it is plagiarized or not because “similar” riffs or melodies do not always mean plagiarism. It is challenging to compose ingenious songs, and that is why many composers are jokingly jealous of the Beatles who preoccupied plenty of beautiful harmonies and its progression. 🙂

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