Detective on the Internet

The additional resources section of the Lib 1201 website has many diverse and informative topics to look over for thinking about my subject and narrowing down the content for consideration in my research paper.  There seems that when researching not enough reminders of the things that we will be thinking about as we delve deeper into the topic keep us from occasionally straying off topic. The Internet Detective helped me to relax a bit while looking at the project. I thought about a dinner theatre mystery with twist, turns, and some dead ends as I have set out to gathered evidence for this coursework.  The relevance of my research process has me painstakingly asking question after question and weighing the evidence derived from my research as to whether it will be plausible to the case at hand. The query seeking show that PBS used to broadcast called, “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” made troubleshooting the directions that Ms. San Diego may have gone to a fun exercise ripe with clue after clue. The Internet Detective information focused me toward asking the questions who, what, and where? It will help me to steer clear of controversial statements that may have no verifiable substance. Thus my research continues armed with Badke and this website filled with helpful reminders that I can readily click on. 



3 responses to “Detective on the Internet

  1. Glad you like the Internet Detective, Evita. It’s a great site that I think speaks to a lot of what we’re covering in class in a clever, engrossing way. I might just add it as required reading in future semesters. What do you think?

  2. It is quite interesting to recognize how well the strategy of investigation fits in that of researching data. Frankly speaking, I did not realize this web site was available in our additional resources. (Lack of attention). I like especially the way they lead us to researching techniques through step-by-step procedures. If there is a tiny problem, (Not from this site, but from myself), every time I read this kind of guide text I unconsciously try to find other or opposite ways that were not described in the text. (Maybe, I have some sort of rebellious temper) Anyway, I have to admit that I have got practical helps from this site as well as Badke’s book.

    P.S And professor, it is a definitely good idea to add this source as reference for researching techniques.

  3. Good to hear, Soo, I will definitely add it to the syllabus for next semester.

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