Musings of the Mind

Yes, Marcelo the idea of similar or simultaneous thoughts has been researched and studied in laboratories all over the world because there has always been a fascination with the depth of the human mind.  Some call it intuitiveness and others may call it weird or spooky.  Nonetheless, I would imagine that we have all had our share of being able to know who was calling on the phone without expecting a call from that person or saying the same words at the same time with someone else.  As a musician, I have experienced a synergy with other musicians while jamming on the guitar, bass, or drums.  There has always been a chord or a running of notes and beats together that can seem uncanny yet feel so satisfying to play in sync with another.  There is a thing called the “universal mind” that I read about many years ago that may go along with your theory that there is a possibility that we connect with others in conscious and unconscious ways. Is it mere theory that may have us at some moment in time sharing emotions and thoughts only to call it a coincidence of some kind? My mind wanders as it wonders.     Evita


One response to “Musings of the Mind

  1. Evita, did you mean to leave this as a comment on Marcelo’s post about the music plagiarism video on YouTube? Here’s the link to that post if so:

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