Be prepared for frustration – Badke Ch.5

     Even when I wander around the internet for searching of fun stuff, it sometimes makes me frustrated to reach where I wanted to go, to say nothing of scholarly articles, which I eager to find with certain purposes.  Especially, when I just get stuck with nowhere to go or I just get into infinite loops of hyperlinks, the level of frustration becomes higher. Therefore, it seems like important to steel myself for these kinds of frustration before starting to explore the databases.

     I found one web site( ) that explains how to obtain free scholarly journals through Google Scholar, which is also introduced in the Badke’s book, chapter, 6. I think it is useful when we promptly want to search articles with familiar interfaces or when we come hard to access paid databases for one reason or another. As a result of my test of it, it is pretty much effective to get ‘free’ scholarly articles, even though some of the links still leaded me to paid databases. Google Scholar could be a good alternative for the professional databases, which are fastidious to use at some points.



One response to “Be prepared for frustration – Badke Ch.5

  1. That does look like a good guide to Google Scholar, Soo. Remember that you can set up Scholar to link you to City Tech’s article databases so you can read the journal articles behind subscription paywalls. Follow the Scholar Preferences link and enter New York City College of Technology in the Library Links field to set this up.

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