The Devils Dilemma

Information and the extraction of information may take on the manipulation of the three ways that Fister outlined: traditions, processes for validity, and conflicting claims. These reveal mixed results at best depending on what the subject is and the relevancy of media play relating to the subject. So I agree that searches for subjective material relating to the human condition change meanings and importance when abbreviated. Meaningful details can be left to the devil which leaves using the senses and the value system of the researcher. As for Google, the infrastructure Googlebombings, Google Dilemma, link farms, and PageRank determine who is linked to whom in the system. They all play an essential part in the construct of how this organization has to deal with a “virtual conscience” even when faced with censorship and foul references. They try to escape by stating that all they do is feed the servers and wait for the results to emerge and use mere mortal programmers as the tool of the glorified abacus, which is a tool called a computer. The vastness of the Internet and the complexities of how it contains Exabyte’s of information are too many zero’s to calculate in the brain.  Evita


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