Google; the american way

For me, results by Google are more useful. The page ranking system works just fine for me and is on par with searches done by keywords. When you get into the realm of searches by subject title, which have been put there by human hands, the results can become skewed or more refined. If internet users are to keep Google searches accurate, though, and link to the important pages which are relevant to the subject(s) at hand, then the page ranking system is in essence adding subject titles to the query. I understand, after doing research for this class, that there is information out there not accessible on Google because the people who own the information want money for it. However, when you need that particular information, you will most likely be a part of an institution that has access to it or be keen enough to know where to access it.

For American searching, I am proud of Google. I am not fond of their censorship in other parts of the world, but, in smart-business practice, I understand why they must do it. The recent activity between Google and the Chinese government is baffling. If the people of the world deem certain information valuable, and show as much by making it searchable, then I would think it is in everyone’s right to know be able to find it. Governments should not censor to keep information out of the hands of its people.



2 responses to “Google; the american way

  1. Searching the Internet with just a click of the mouse when you want to quickly use a keyword to try to find something on a variety of subjects is a favorite pastime. Google does keep Americans and other curious searchers world wide busy bringing up useful results. The results are based on very complicated algorithms using thousands of servers all over the world. It boggles the mind to think of all the millions of people world wide that use the Internet and Google as the search engine of choice. That speaks volumes about the American way represented by this well known surfing server entity. The democracy theme obviously does not hold water with governments like China that want their population blindsided and kept in the dark purposely controlling what becomes their censored knowledge of the outside world. The Chinese people have had a taste of Google’s potent access points for producing information. Once that information is relative to feelings of freedom of speech, an entire generation of computer savvy Google users in China will pirate a way of getting access this user friendly outlet. Google, for the most part has promoted free access to information for its users as the ease of communicating and seeking information in an uncensored American way. Go Google!


  2. Yes. Right. Google is just outstanding. There is no doubt that the Google is the most dominant search engine in the present, 2010 and the majority of people using the internet, including us, just feel comfortable with it more than any other search engines. The more the Google expand their business and provide new stuff, the more people seem to become “addicted” to them. From this point of view, however, I feel from time to time that we are too dependent on these Google things, which might be problematic when it goes to a monopoly as every matter. This is probably one of the reasons that we have to encourage the service providers to compete each other. Well, even though it could be a different matter, the censorship might be able to be prevented by this kind of competition as well.

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