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Learning Center

The documentation process that I found was on the City Tech website.  I looked at the menu for the things that are offered at the Learning Center.  It occurred to me that many people are now using the City Tech Website to find out about the college so I wanted to see what was being offered at that site.  It has a few sub headings and begins with tutors.  Then it lists the subjects that the tutors can assist students in understanding better.  On the page was information about materials and all the video materials, filmstrips, printed materials like textbooks, and review sheets that were available.  I have seen the review sheets for the different levels of mathematics while being tutored there.  They have seminars for free to learn computing so that students can pass a computer literacy requirement. Finally, the document mentioned the helpful workshops that are given for the CUNY Assessment tests in math and writing.  There are online tutorials to practice for the CPE which we all have to qualify for after we attain 45 credits or more. It was easy to follow and I found it informative too. 



The Devils Dilemma

Information and the extraction of information may take on the manipulation of the three ways that Fister outlined: traditions, processes for validity, and conflicting claims. These reveal mixed results at best depending on what the subject is and the relevancy of media play relating to the subject. So I agree that searches for subjective material relating to the human condition change meanings and importance when abbreviated. Meaningful details can be left to the devil which leaves using the senses and the value system of the researcher. As for Google, the infrastructure Googlebombings, Google Dilemma, link farms, and PageRank determine who is linked to whom in the system. They all play an essential part in the construct of how this organization has to deal with a “virtual conscience” even when faced with censorship and foul references. They try to escape by stating that all they do is feed the servers and wait for the results to emerge and use mere mortal programmers as the tool of the glorified abacus, which is a tool called a computer. The vastness of the Internet and the complexities of how it contains Exabyte’s of information are too many zero’s to calculate in the brain.  Evita

Musings of the Mind

Yes, Marcelo the idea of similar or simultaneous thoughts has been researched and studied in laboratories all over the world because there has always been a fascination with the depth of the human mind.  Some call it intuitiveness and others may call it weird or spooky.  Nonetheless, I would imagine that we have all had our share of being able to know who was calling on the phone without expecting a call from that person or saying the same words at the same time with someone else.  As a musician, I have experienced a synergy with other musicians while jamming on the guitar, bass, or drums.  There has always been a chord or a running of notes and beats together that can seem uncanny yet feel so satisfying to play in sync with another.  There is a thing called the “universal mind” that I read about many years ago that may go along with your theory that there is a possibility that we connect with others in conscious and unconscious ways. Is it mere theory that may have us at some moment in time sharing emotions and thoughts only to call it a coincidence of some kind? My mind wanders as it wonders.     Evita

Detective on the Internet

The additional resources section of the Lib 1201 website has many diverse and informative topics to look over for thinking about my subject and narrowing down the content for consideration in my research paper.  There seems that when researching not enough reminders of the things that we will be thinking about as we delve deeper into the topic keep us from occasionally straying off topic. The Internet Detective helped me to relax a bit while looking at the project. I thought about a dinner theatre mystery with twist, turns, and some dead ends as I have set out to gathered evidence for this coursework.  The relevance of my research process has me painstakingly asking question after question and weighing the evidence derived from my research as to whether it will be plausible to the case at hand. The query seeking show that PBS used to broadcast called, “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” made troubleshooting the directions that Ms. San Diego may have gone to a fun exercise ripe with clue after clue. The Internet Detective information focused me toward asking the questions who, what, and where? It will help me to steer clear of controversial statements that may have no verifiable substance. Thus my research continues armed with Badke and this website filled with helpful reminders that I can readily click on. 


Surf Tubing

There a several social networking avenues that are being used to communicate with other social networking individuals and groups. Facebook, My Space, and LinkedIn to mention a few. There is one  medium of social networking and visually interesting expressions of human fact and folly that most Internet surfers have used to “see” and hear people broadcasting themselves and others using visual imagery call “You Tube. ‘ It is well known and used for some of the most unlikely action filled videos right down to the latest fad of young shoppers showing off what they have picked up at the local mall.  They get hits and people actually finding the time to tune into their video follies regularly as the teens and  tweens  conduct their fashion guide show over the Internet. One of the other favorite uses of “You Tube” is to propel relatively unknown people into pop culture fame.  There was a man who‘s guitar was lost as luggage on one of the major airlines.  He reported it and waited for a response and more importantly waited for a satisfactory response that they had found the instrument or was willing to provide compensation for the loss of the instrument. In the heat of the moment and after months of not getting back his guitar nor hearing any concrete information about retrieval efforts on his behalf the musician decided that he should write a song about it.  He used a few friends and set up different scenes and montages to go along with the lyrics, music, and the action in the video.  A few months later he had over a million hits and people began to know his name and the story of the airlines lack of response was immortalized in song and video on You Tube.  The airlines wrote an apology and decided to reimburse him for his lost guitar.  Now that is networking!  It is a good example of a consumer advocating against   a big company, in this case a major airline’s lack of response to a customer.  This is just another example of the wonders of “You Tube” as a social net working and conscience affecting medium.  E. Belmonte

The Growing threat of the Growing Internet

It seems like a hands down popular opinion that the Internet is the easiest and quickest source for obtaining valuable and not so valuable information.  With this massive Information explosion going on it is easy not to notice the disadvantages of the Internet that may plague you and your equipment.  The topic is Spyware and Adware.  They are simple sneaky and effective in pervading your computer with all manner of devices to get you to notice their ads and buy their products.  We understand the advertising part of the intrusion because there are people on the Internet that make a profit catering to our needs and more importantly to our wants as we surf and communicate over the medium.  It is the invasive Spyware that is the main culprit of following our keypunch moves and sometime with a hiccup of slowing down our computers they plant subtle and not so subtle viruses that can discombobulate the entire operating system.  It is pound for pound a wise investment to have an updating anti-virus program to monitor the invasion by Spyware by acquiring a reputable company to curtail the smooth access to the overt interactions that we all know, use, and enjoy over the Internet.  The growing threat is that we must stay forewarned to protect ourselves by being forearmed with protective programs to prevent disruption of our access to the Internet by information spyware, adware, and other malicious software.

E. Belmonte

High Stakes


In this article the Author, Dye talks about the fusion of language the word Taxonomy into the reconfigured word folksonomy, using the word folks.  There is a lot to be said here for tags being the main event and having a member community of likeminded people who have found each other and use it to communicate comfortable as a way to better search through a system and share with each other.  The Taxonomy is a controlled hierarchical organized system used for classification.   In folksonomies, they collaborate to build their own search systems based on categories set by them so users have ways of tagging what others are doing. These sounds like they could become very exclusive and setup in ways that only users knowing the code for exploring all manner of subjects would vigorously want to and obviously do like to use this vehicle.  They are bookmarking their community with their own thoughts on hierarchy that is down to earth and meant for those touched by the “tag” of the growing number of evolving forms of these folksonomies. Now it is catching the attention of the companies that are good at studying consumers and how they think and that would be the marketing companies. So could their system be a new form of hierarchal categorizing?  I loved the subheading of one of the paragraphs, “grassroots grows globally.”  It speaks to the power of the human ability to find easier ways to do sophisticated things, building on it, and in simpler ways have fun doing it. They even have a version on a cloud. How tech savvy of them.  So keep an eye peeled, one might be living in your neighborhood.  E. Belmonte