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A little humor…

…as you gear up for your class presentations: Death by Powerpoint

Especially this one and this one.


APA Style handout

Hi everyone,

Here’s a PDF version of the APA Style handout I passed around in class yesterday.

See you tomorrow — please don’t forget to bring or email your annotated bibliographies to me by the beginning of class.

–Prof Smale

New blogging homework schedule

Here’s the new blogging homework schedule we discussed in class:

DUE: 3/16 (by the beginning of class)
Find 2 sources in any format on a course topic that interests you, read them, and write 1 blog post in response to each. Please select sources that are new to you, not the assigned class readings.
(This incorporates and replaces the assignments for 3/9 and 3/11.)

DUE: 3/18 (by the beginning of class)
Comment on at least one blog post written by one of your classmates.

Also, add this assignment to Thursday, 4/22 (due at the beginning of class):
Comment on at least one blog post written by one of your classmates.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Have a great weekend!
Prof Smale

A few notes about comments & weather

Great blogging work, everyone. Just want to remind you to comment on your fellow classmates’ blog posts, too. It’s a way for us to continue the conversation outside of class. Commenting is one of the key features of blogs and blogging, and enables bloggers to build community with others of similar interests.

Also please don’t forget to give your post one or more tags. Think of them as keywords — pick a few concepts or ideas you discuss in the post to use as tags. We’ll talk more about this in class tomorrow.

As of now City Tech is open tomorrow, but check the school’s website in the morning for the most up to date info: http://www.citytech.cuny.edu/.

See you in class tomorrow!